Skin Care


Body Lotion , Body Wash, Peel-Off Mask, Facial Foam

Paraben free

MEDIATONE™ derived from sunflower seeds (non-GMO)  ; high purity without toxicity on cells which helps to reduce pigmentation at the cellular level, by lightening significantly hyper pigmented areas and clarifying the skin.

1. FL-1974 Fennel Total White Facial Cleansing Foam

  • Revitalizing and moisturizing.
  • Brightening and luminosity.

2. FL-1975  Fennel Total White Peel-Off Mask

  • Brightening and luminosity.
  • No alcohol, no stinging feel.

3. FL-1976 Fennel Total White Moisturizer Body Lotion

  • Brightening, Luminosity.
  • Natural preservative
  • UVA/UAB protection.

4. FL-1977 Fennel Total White Facial Cream

5. FL-2187  Fennel Total White Body Wash

    Revitalizing and moisturizing.


Color :
FL-1974 Fennel Tottal White Facial Cleansing Foam  FL-1975  Fennel Tottal White Peel-Off Mask FL-1976 Fennel Tottal White Moisturizer Body Lotion FL-1977 Fennel Total White Facial Cream FL-2187  Fennel Total White Body Wash